Suite Catering at Miller Park

MAY 2017 Availability

Please complete the May Availability by April 19th.

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Please submit your Availability one time. If you need to make changes to what has already been submitted, please contact Garon directly.

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Tuesday, May 9th: Brewers vs. Red Sox *
6:40 pm
Wednesday, May 10th:Brewers vs. Red Sox *
7:10 pm
Thursday, May 11th: Brewers vs. Red Sox *
12:10 pm
Friday, May 12th: Brewers vs. Mets *
7:10 pm
Saturday, May 13th: Brewers vs. Mets *
6:10 pm
Sunday, May 14th: Brewers vs. Mets *
1:10 pm
Tuesday, May 23rd: Brewers vs. Blue Jays *
6:40 pm
Wednesday, May 24th: Brewers vs. Blue Jays *
12:10 pm
Thursday, May 25th: Brewers vs. Diamondbacks *
7:10 pm
Friday, May 26th: Brewers vs. Diamondbacks *
7:10 pm
Saturday, May 27th: Brewers vs. Diamondbacks *
3:10 pm
Sunday, May 28th: Brewers vs. Diamondbacks *
1:10 pm
If there is anything we should know about your schedule, please list it below.